Konnex Quadrillionaire

Konnex Quadrillionaire

Koneex will be the world’s first quadrillion company. The path to become the world's first Quadrillionaire will involve all the secret steps to riches that Napoleon Hill outlines in his Book, Think and Grow Rich. The idea to become a Quadrillionaire came to me after Apple, Amazona and Tesla became trillion dollar companies. The next logical step is Quadrillion dollar companies. At the end of the day it is just a number. According to the internet "A quadrillion dollars—is just about 1300 times more than the world's GDP, which is approximately $70 trillion a year" or 1,000,000,000,000,000 or (10 to the power 15) Master mind alliance with the World's top 1%.
Specialized knowledge
Konnex Software
Konnex IPO
Konnex Products
Konnex Real Estate
Konnex owning property in space, Moon, Mars etc.

-Auran Shereef
Founder, Konnex

Freinds in the Top 1%

Elon Musk

Richard Branson

Bill Gates

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